Our Products

All our organic products are certified by Global Organic Alliance.

Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat

We have a dry climate so don’t typically experience the problems with plant diseases and grain quality issues that are prevalent in other climates. Because of the climate and the nature of a dry-land farming operation, our wheat is not ultra-high protein, but consistently ranges from 8-10%, is rated excellent for baking and milling qualities and has excellent falling number scores. We also have adequate on-farm storage space to help assist our customers with a consistent supply and can work with a variety of contracts and schedules for shipment. We welcome both large and small contracts.

Organic Hard White Wheat

We are pleased to currently partner with Ardent Mills on our hard white wheat acres and are proud to be one of their featured organic growers.

Organic Proso Millet

We usually produce proso millet based on demand so are consistently looking for contract acres and can accommodate large or small quantities.

Organic Green Lentils

Quantities are based on demand.

Organic Chick Peas

Quantities are based on demand.

Organic Ancient Grains

These include, but are not limited to Einkorn, Emmer and Spelt. Quantities are based on demand.

Organic Corn

Quantities are based on demand.

Transitional Hard Red Winter Wheat

Our transitional wheat is certified through Quality Assurance International and quantities depend on the stage of transition and new acres we have added on an annual basis.


Information about the organic industry and wheat: