Our Story

Country boy meets city girl. Or farm boy meets sophisticated woman. Or redneck meets princess. Well, however you look at it, Ron decided he needed to find a wife outside of Albin, Wyoming so he could be assured he wouldn’t be marrying some shirt-tail relative! Though miles spanned between them, Ron and Julie were blessed to meet each other and close that gap between Arizona and Wyoming. Since those early days of new love, Ron and Julie have been blessed to have built a certified organic farm in southeastern Wyoming, in addition to building a home filled with three boys, Carson (14), Spencer (12) and Mason (6). Raising 3 young boys is a job that requires endless hours of energy, very little sleep, lots of laughs and a tolerance for getting attacked by anything the boys determine to be a good weapon. But it’s also a job more rewarding and important than any other.

Ron and Julie have proudly built an 8000 acre farm from the original section and home where Ron’s grandparents, Frank and Dorothy Rabou, lived for over 62 years. After countless hours and what seemed to be a never ending drain of financial resources, Ron and Julie have built one of the cleanest and well-kept farms in Laramie County. All of the buildings on the farm have either been newly built or completely renovated. The grounds include 3 large shops, modern grain storage facilities, barns for their sons’ livestock projects, an old wood granary converted to a guest house, an old barn converted to a music room, an old garage converted to a meat processing facility and an office for the farm, along with the original, but remodeled home where Ron’s grandparents lived and where his father was raised.

Outside the family and her daily duties with the farm, Julie holds a teaching degree from Arizona State University and teaches half-time in Laramie County School District One in Cheyenne. Ron holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture Business from the University of Wyoming. He spends his time managing the farm, along with doing keynote speeches and leadership and communication training for ag organizations and corporations. Having both been non-traditional students, Ron and Julie believe strongly in education and helping others. They have endowed several scholarships at Laramie County Community College and with the Wyoming FFA Foundation to help students ease the financial burden of completing their college education.

The eldest of the Rabou boys, Carson, is a very talented drummer and enjoys playing music for his band, the “Galactic Lemonz”, He excelled in pole vault and hurdles in high school track and is now off on his next chapter in life. He is beginning his college career at the University of Wyoming where he is a member of “Western Thunder”, the University of Wyoming Marching Band. His ambition is to someday become a pilot, all while continuing to pursue his passion for music.

Spencer is the epitome of an American farm boy and is deeply passionate about everything involving the farm. He is truly the hardest working individual we know. He is an exceptional mechanic and already is being hired out by others to work on everything from rototillers to trucks. He loves being involved in FFA and currently serves as his chapter’s president. He also has his own real life “Johnny Popper” tractor collection, including various models of the B, H, D and L and a beautiful 520.

The youngest, Mason, is a fun-loving, free-spirited country boy. He loves the outdoors and most especially hunting and fishing. If you want to see his eyes light up, just mention bass fishing! The sky is the limit for Mason and his passion for art and engineering is an absolute joy to observe. His pure, kind heart is a blessing to our family.